Barbarossa I am x The Baby Goat

Cheers beer lovers!
We are excited to announce that our Barbarossa I am Imperial Stout “The King” is available on draft @thebabygoatbeer. It’s a seasonal beer at the pub, so be quick and get a taste of our 9% barrel-aged craft beer. Tag us in your story or post and let us know how you liked it. And of course, don’t forget to try the wonderful beers and snacks from the Baby Goat! The Baby Goat Barn & The Baby Goat House will sell those seasonal beers the whole year! Make sure to check out this great location in Hamburg. They will finally open at the beginning of next week, cheers! Our Barrel aged series includes the Gose, Imperial Stout, Porter & Hansebock. Soon, we are going to sell the beers online in four packs with a glass. If you canĀ“t wait to try it, keep the Baby Goat Pub in mind. The Imperial Stout will be available until the end of june!

Check out their Website:

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