“Chinese beer market is premiumizing incredibly fast” says Euan McLeish Managing Director Bernstein talking about the Chinese beer market

The Chinese beer market is just under 400m HL and has been stagnating to declining since 2014. The last couple of years there is a trend towards more premium offerings and it

is developing incredibly fast. The premium market is about 10% of the overall market and for the time being still dominated by Budweiser followed by Tsingtao

and Snow. Overall, the Chinese market is 50/50 on-trade/off-trade, whereby there is a well developed bring it yourself culture and at the point of consumption on trade probably is still significantly ahead of off-trade.

During our podcast cover a lot more detail and unpack the premium market in more detail.

“Food delivery apps & online marketing

“If you know what people are eating through

a food delivery app, you can than also put very interesting beverage offerings in front of them” As a consequence there is huge shift going on in the way brands are build. China will lead the way with cutting edge innovative online marketing models and very likely other markets across the world will pick this up as well.

Euan’s predictions for 2021

1. Corona recovery and how quickly will restrictions will be lifted?

2. Preimmunization and growth of intrinsically differentiated products / innovation in beer that can justify a higher price point

3. Online acceleration

– Making the at home occasion more relevant

– Leveraging food delivery apps

– Use key “online” opinion leaders to build your brand

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