BEER I AM Podcast Nr. 11 Michele Cason / President Asso Birra

Andries de Groen Introduction

“I have the dust of the malt in my blood” says Michele Cason President of the Asso Birra

The Italian beer market

The Italian beer market has grown over 29% from 2009until 2019. All segements of the market have grown. Craft, Imports and exports, why? Michele will explain during the Podcast and also gives an outlook why the Italian beer market remains attractive even though we have seen a recent setback in 2020.

How the culture of beer competely changed in Italy

“Italian people want to know abou the Terroire, the heritage and the people behind the brand/beer” Italy has now more than 7000 beers and the Italians seem to be still thirsty for more variety of choice.
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