BEER I AM Podcast Nr. 12 David Krings / Product Design & FAT FAT BEER HORSE

Andries de Groen Introduction

David and I have a great chat about. How creativity is key to his success story and who has inspired him throughout his career.

It is an unusual story, from studying Art as a German in the Netherlands to become a craft brewer in China. It has been a bumpy but fascinating road, we talk about how David and his partnerdeveloped their first 2 beers based on local ingredients and everything they could find on the local market.

At the end we cover 7 questions about David:
Question 1: What’s something you’ve learned in navigating through this uncertainty?
Question 2: What has been the best advice you have been given?
Question 3. Which part of running running your own business do you find as the hardest?
Question 4: What do you do differently than most other people?
Question 5: How do you proceed when there’s no right answer?
Question 6: What future opportunities will be born from recent events?
Question 7: What small change has made a big difference in your life?