Beer I am kicked off as an idea from entrepreneur Andries de Groen. He started his podcast with people from the beer industry who have interesting stories to tell. With this podcast he wants to inspire people and show them the passion of brewing beer. Beer is not just beer. When we think about German beer we always will think about industrial beer or tv beer. But what about all those inspiring little breweries who create beautiful craft beers with different and special ingredients? Beer I am wants to give them a platform. In the course of this podcast, more ideas came up. At the end of 2020 Beer I am shouldn´t be just about podcasts anymore, we want to inspire people by brewing our own special beer

Andries de Groen has been in this business for quite a long time. Since 2011 Andries started a new venture through a participation in Evergrain International AG & Greenbox Capital AG. Both private equity firms investing in the Craft brewing and Ingredients industry. 

Last year he established the new brand “Beer I am.”, which started as a podcast. In 2021 this brand developed into different small projects like Barbarossa I am, Beer I am #tasting and some more.
Andries is a passionate founder, beer lover and field hockey player. 

M´Jay Bala

Pia joined the team in November and builds up the brand with the rest of the team
Her skills contain the strategic and operative tasks, organising

Willem and Andries – the picture of them and a short text about their function and their story, with a link to the youtube video.

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