Can you briefly introduce your company and elaborate on how beer sommeliers can benefit from your products/services?

By conveying stories and emotions from the beer industry, Beer I am® wants to inspire as many beer lovers as possible. Continuous development and the exchange of information play a major role here. For this reason, we have developed a podcast as Beer I am®, with guests such as Jef Versele from the Belgian brewery Van Steenberge, or David Krings from the Fat Fat Beer Horse brewery from China, as well as many other inspiring people. Furthermore, we are currently developing more online products to help consumers make the right purchasing decisions regarding the taste of beer and to be well informed about all the great beers the world has to offer.

What role do beer sommeliers play as a target group in your communication strategy?

Just like the beer sommeliers, Beer I am® helps as many beer connoisseurs as possible to find the right beer for them. The network of beer experts is a central target group for Beer I am®. We believe that Beer I am® and the beer sommeliers can strengthen each other through the exchange of information and regular dialogue.

What does the Association of Graduate Beer Sommeliers mean to you personally?

I am very happy that the number of beer sommeliers is growing – the consumer needs qualified information and this is an enrichment for everyone! The beer sommeliers convey this with great passion and do it really great. I would like to join them and am happy to be able to support them as a sustaining member.

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