BEER I AM Podcast Nr. 6 Jan Paul Rutten / Owner Gulpener Brewery

Andries de Groen Introduction

13th Generation brewery owner: Jan Paul Rutten
Spending a morning in the south of Holland, Limburg, in the most sustainable brewery was an absolut delight. 13th Generation brewery owner Jan Paul Rutten took the time to talk about the story of Gulpener. 

For a brewery owner, Jan Paul had an unusual career. He studied Medicine and worked for several years as a doctor until he joined the board of Gulpener and felt there is a chance to change something for the positive. 

We are diving in the sustainability agenda of Gulpener through local sourcing of barley, hops and building a new brewery for the next Generations. We also discuss the difficulties of being relatively small and still trying to get this beautiful story across to the consumers.