BEER I AM Podcast Nr. 15 Henok Fentie / Omnipollo

Andries de Groen Introduction

Omnipollo was founded in Stockholm by #HenokFentie and #KarlGrandin in 2010. 

A common friend of Henok and Karl saw that the two had similar views and introduced them to each other.  We talked in our podcast about how they first discussed thei plans to set up a brewery and what has been essential in the first discussions. 

Omnipollo has been Swedish a "#gypsy #brewery", meaning that the brewery designs and markets their beers, but the beers are physically brewed at other breweries. Henok and Karl have had a very clear view about this. Growing sustainably through regional partnership. A complicated but well thought through journey. Now Omnipollo reaches a new milestone by creating an own brewery/church. The house of Omnipollo is ready and the first beers are running out of the brewery.

In the last part of the podcast we talk about the endgame and where Henok sees Omnipollo going forward.

I couldn`t have wished for a more open and frank talk. Henok is an inspiring entrepreneur in the beer industry and I think there is bright future for Henok, Karl and #Omnipollo.